Event Review



Over April 6-8 2018, 200 C4YT developers (students, experts, crypto nerds & crypto curious) came together to hack on bPanel, bcoin, lotionJS, and Cosmos-SDK. The weekend ended with 20+ project submissions, winning over $30,000 in prizes, and 4 of which are eligible for a $15,000 grant from Cosmos to continue developing their project. This is a huge win for the open source & blockchain communities, and we’re proud to have been a part of it with you!

Prizes & Challenges


The top prize of $15,000 in cryptocurrency of their choice, went to Team Ivy. They took the open source Ivy playground for writing Ivy smart contracts that compile into Bitcoin Script and built it into bPanel plugins that allowed for the writing and deploying of smart contracts from the platform directly onto the live testnet network.

Second place, and $1,500 in Bitcoin to spend on, went to team Blockbook. Third place went to DSNP.

The winner of the Purse challenge for best application to solve a real world business use case was the Lotioning Network.

ICF Grants
Cosmos held a special session for LotionJS + Cosmos SDK specific projects to present to the Cosmos team and pitch for a $15k grant to continue developing their projects.

ReforestTenderfeudCosmis Prediction & Pillar were all chosen,